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1TON Ranch
1TONs The Percussionist
2011 IDHA Drum horse stallion. 2014 FHC FL Grand Champion
Drum Horse Halter & 2013 FHC FL Reserve Champion Drum
Horse Halter @ the tender age of 2.
Color DNA Aa EE nT
Sire D' Jango Jazz son of The Lion King gypsy horse
Dam De Ja Vue Clydesdale
Current height as late 3yr old over 16
Photo credits
© Mark J. Barrett

Stud Fee: $1,000 w / $250 booking fee. Cooled Shipped Semen only, includes collection and shipping for his
introductory year.
Owned by :1TON Ranch, Howey in the Hills, FL
We call him Lionel. Lionel has one of the nicest heads I have ever seen on a draft horse. He has his Dam's
Hooked ears and his Sire's eyes. His overall conformation is exceptional. Lionel has a very impressive show
record including the 2014 Feathered Horse Classic Jacksonville, FL Grand Champion Drum Horse Halter. The 2013
FHC Jacksonville, FL Reserve Champion Drum Halter @ the tender age of 2.

Lionel is heavy boned like his sire and has always had a naturally muscular physique w/ an apple butt. Lionel
has some of the Heaviest Feather you will see on a Drum Horse along with a long thick flowing mane and tail. He
has nice strong barefoot hooves that are sound on rocky terrain. He is a quick learner and very even tempered.
He consistently places well in Dressage Suitability in hand with three 1st place ribbons at the FHC shows. Lionel
has natural athletic ability and is not lazy. He is always 1 of very few horses at the FHC shows who always uses
the entire arena for his liberty class and he never has to be chased off the gate. He knows when the music
stops; it's time to be caught. Lionel can be hitchy with lots of action or use his extended trot well. He is currently
being trained for dressage. He will be crossed trained in many disciplines like his Dam.